"Clare is a powerful healer, who is truly gifted in her ability to deliver timely messages and paint vivid pictures. Going through a time of transition and uncertainty, she assisted me in letting go and connecting with my higher self. After the session, I felt much more aligned, grounded in my body, and tapped into my own energy and intuition. Additionally, I received an email for a job interview a few days after. I am so thankful to have had the experience to work with Clare."


"I am absolutely amazed at the clarity of my reading with Miss Clare. After I had one of the worse reading ever I called a friend to tell her about what this other woman was telling me. I wanted to just gave up on life completely. But my friend and teacher said to try Clare. I told my friend ok yeah, I will do that. But at the time I was thinking to myself I will never have another reading again, spiritual or non-spiritual. But since I did tell my friend yes I would give it a go, I might as well go through with, and man, was I blown away with this reading. Miss Clare you are an amazing divine light and I want to thank you so much for such a spiritual uplifting spiritual awakening. 


“I’ve been going through a lot of emotional turbulence with my family, it is something that has always been present in my life. I often times struggled with understanding where the pain and hurt were coming from. Through an ancestral healing session with Clare, I was able to shift my perspective into understanding that that pain has not been mine, but has been passed on for generations. I was able to engage with my higher self and understand that I needed to honor that pain in order to let it go. The ancestral healing session was one of the most emotionally healing and powerful experiences I’ve lived in. The ancestral session uplifted me, allowed me to feel more in my power, in my love and feeling that I could move forward in peace as I healed layers of me. When you are willing to be your best self, honor that and your purpose, and act upon it, you experience peace and a sense of freedom. I always feel lighter, at ease and peaceful after every session with Clare.
Through continuous sessions with Clare, I am able to tap into my emotions, understand where they are coming from, learn to let them go, to understand how to set healthy boundaries, to reframe the way we may look at a situation, or myself.
For anyone willing to heal emotionally, I highly recommend Clare, as she is true to herself, and has consciously dedicated her life to become a catalyst for healing.”


“I am so grateful for my remote energy healing session with Clare. Initially, I wanted a session for a toothache issue I was having and just general energy healing maintenance. I had no idea how much more I would receive! It was a powerful session and very much needed. I was just starting to feel better from the pain I was experiencing in my mouth. However, I still felt very stagnant and off since then and knew that this would be the way to help clear things. I know I’m at a point in my life where I’m accessing the next level and doing this kind of work really helps me to go within to heal, let go and forgive. I’ve had sessions with Clare in person and remote and have always felt her deep healing energy on all levels from the inside out. Her intuitive abilities to help me access what’s needed at the time and my openness to healing have been what has given me the most benefit to the work I do with her. I highly recommend Clare’s work and the more open and receptive you are to the process the more powerful it will be for the recipient.”


“Thank you ever so much, Clare, for your loving kindness in my session with you. It was a powerful and meaningful experience. I so appreciate how you empowered me to visualize and hear my inner intuition. What you shared through your psychic abilities really resonated with me. I feel honored to be a recipient of your gifts.”


“Clare’s sessions are healing, uplifting, and beautiful. With her strong intuitive abilities, she is well equipped to get to the root of your personal needs and help you to work to release stagnant energies. Her style is soothing and gentle yet powerful and filled with knowledge and understanding. A unique opportunity to let go of some of the lingering low vibrational energy of the past and add lightness to your physical, spiritual, and energetic self. Thank you so much for the beautiful experience!”


“One of my cousin’s recommended that I go to Clare for a Reiki energy healing a while ago.  Although I did not know what that meant I took it into consideration. Just a few days ago I messaged Clare to see if I could schedule a session with her because I needed to get some things off my chest. I had some personal issues I thought was affecting my health. Had My 1st Reiki Session with her and it was amazing! It felt so intense as I was going through the process. I felt this sense of weight being lifted off of me. What was even more surprising was what she had told me the guides said because it coincided with a particular event I’m attending in a few weeks. I was shocked that she would mention something without even knowing about the event. Clare is an amazing woman, who has put so much into what she truly believes in… Energy Healing.”


” I really appreciate your insight. It isn’t too often that I run across people that can read me and really connect with me, and you did exactly that!
Thank you for allowing yourself to be used for my highest good.

I am beautiful, and I am light, I have known that my whole life but I guess I wasn’t really ready to accept it, but u have confirmed a lot of things for me to be able to move further and move higher!”