My work combines energy and emotional healing with spiritual guidance and counseling. As an intuitive metaphysical medium and healer, I assist you in identifying and removing energy blockages in the body, which will help attract into your life better health and experiences. I also assist in heightening and developing your innate spiritual gifts and provide guidance for shamanic healing journeys.
I believe we can only heal and get to new levels if we really want it. You must be receptive, willing, and want to do the necessary action steps for lasting transformation.
I am here to guide and assist you. Your openness and receptivity is imperative to see and experience results.

When the body stores stagnant, low-vibrational energy, it can manifest into problems in our lives such as relationship, career, and health issues.
My work goes beyond just “running energy” through the body —in this scenario, one may feel good for a day and fall back into discomfort soon after.
I believe to achieve lasting and true healing, we must address the root of the dis-ease.
We can work together to release what no longer serves you in a safe, confidential, and loving environment at a pace you are comfortable with.
Also, the more you are able to clear and do the inner work, the more heightened your innate spiritual gifts will become.
The experiences you attract will change as well.
As we work to release old energetic patterns, your overall energy vibration will raise and you will attract more joyful, loving, fulfilling, high vibrational experiences and people into your life.
Every session is different. You will experience whatever is best for you during this particular time in your journey.



For most of us, growing up we aren’t handed a step-by-step guide on how to deal with and understand our emotions. In fact, we are encouraged to hide and suppress a lot of them. To just suck it up and be strong. From childhood, some emotions are deemed as “bad” or “weak”. We then begin to suppress and numb out anything that doesn’t feel good or is not acceptable. This can manifest into problems in our health, relationships, career, and other aspects of our lives we may not even be aware of.

Just as we cleanse our physical bodies, emotional detoxing and processing is imperative. It greatly affects our mental, spiritual, emotional, and yes even physical well-being. I provide my clients with a safe and non-judgmental space to explore your emotions and learn how to process, manage, and release "negative emotions" in healthy ways.

You will also learn the importance of your emotions -what they can tell us about where we are in life, what you can learn from them, and tips on how to release uncomfortable emotions in healthy, effective ways.

Being present and feeling our emotions is the key to healing and brings us closer to discovering who we truly are, inner peace, self-love, and freedom.